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Balanced Fund


For the first time, investors in Puerto Rico have access to a balanced fund that is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, invests in equity and fixed-income securities, and is considered a Puerto Rico Security for tax purposes.

The Balanced Fund provides the perfect portfolio that seeks to balance risk with long term capital appreciation. The 60% equity allocation within the balanced fund provides long term capital appreciation while the 40% fixed income allocation helps cushion the portfolio swings (volatility) during periods of economic uncertainty while contributing current income to the portfolio.


The Benefits


It is easy to invest in the X-Square Balanced Fund because it doesn’t require any other legal structure or conduits for investing. Investors can buy this fund as a local security.


Your funds are available at any time. This allows you to access and redeem shares at NAV (Net Asset Value) on any business day, while the New York Stock Exchange is open.


  • Local taxes: The X-Square Balanced Fund is a Puerto Rico Security, not subject to Puerto Rico income tax, including inheritance, property and municipal license taxes.
  • Federal taxes: As a Puerto Rico Security, investors are exempt from federal estate taxes.
  • Tax exemption: The fund is also exempt if it distributes more than 90% of its income.


  • Must be a Puerto Rico resident.
  • The minimum initial investment for Class A and Class C shares is $5,000.
  • The minimum subsequent investment for Class A and Class C shares is $1,000.

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